Palm hearts mousse 

– 3 jars 450 gr Palm hearts VALLE FERTIL.
– 4 cups of Ricotta cheese.
– 1 tb Worcestershire sauce.
– 1 tb grated onion.
– 1 tb chopped parsley.
– 4 tb water.
– 2 tb powdered unflavored gelatin.
– Watercress for decoration.


 Hydrate the gelatin in water for some minutes. After that, dissolve over low heat and let it cool.

Blend or process together: the palm hearts, ricotta cheese, Worcestershire sauce and grated onion until a homogeneous paste is formed

Lower the speed and add the warm gelatin.

Add manually the chopped parsley and mix well. 

Pour into a lightly oiled mold and refrigerate until set. 

Unmold and decorate with watercress leaves.