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– 4 egg whites
– 2 tbsp. of light evaporated milk.
– 100 g. boiled and chopped chard.
– 60 g. grated mozzarella cheese.
– garlic, salt & spices.
– 2 egg yolks.
– taragon & nutmeg.
– 1 jar of artichoke bottoms VALLE FÉRTIL choped.
– 1/2 jar of mushrooms VALLE FÉRTIL chopped.
– 1/2 kilo white or red onion.

You’ll need:


Beat egg whites until stiff. Add the yolks,
light evaporated milk and nutmeg.

Then brown the onion with garlic, salt and spices.

Finally put the vegetables in a container
greased refractory and cover with
the egg shake, mozzarella cheese, tarragon
and take to the oven to gratin.